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Content Management

Manage and update your own website without the need of employing web designers. An online content management system puts you back in control, allowing you to instantly manage any element of your site or store from anywhere in the world.

So you now have a website!
How do you update it?

Perhaps the old fashioned way would be to call your web designer with a spelling correction or a new news article.

Not only does this method cost you, it takes time for people to become available to action the work.

Wouldn’t it be easier to do it yourself?

For this very reason, Stern Design have built their own easy to use, robust and scaleable content management suite called Sushi Edit.

With Sushi Edit website owners can update any aspect of their website content using a secure, managed suite, from any internet browser, anywhere in the world, without any knowledge of web programming or HTML.

  • Add, edit & remove sections and sub-sections
  • Add, edit & remove articles and photo galleries
  • Full image library, allowing images to be uploaded, resized and cropped all online. This means no more squashed or slow to download images!
  • Word® style text editor to make it easy to format text with no knowledge of HTML or web programming.
  • Set dates as when sections of pieces of content become LIVE. Great for press releases when you’re on holiday!
  • Infinite users can be managed.
  • Security permissions for each user are switchable. Configure any user to perform any task and be responsible for any area of the website.
  • Approval manager allows managers to approve new and modified content before the world can see it!
  • The system and your site will scale as your content grows. It can be used for the most basic website with one person responsible for content or a very advanced website with many people updating different areas.
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the site – all colours, fonts and font sizes are managed separately from the content.


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